Originating from the urban heart of São Paulo (Brazil), the visual artist known as Negritoo uses his art as a means to express dreams, thoughts, and desires, inspired by the female references that have influenced him since childhood, which have become the central focus of his work. Currently, his creations explore his ancestry, highlighting the beauty and complexity of Afro-Brazilian heritage.
      Graduated in Industrial Design from Mackenzie University and holding a postgraduate degree in graphic design from SENAC University, he began his career as a designer and illustrator, incorporating his technical skills and composition into his works.
        His playful and original strokes, filled with pop culture references and unique figurative images, establish an almost instant connection with the audience. This has led to partnerships with major global brands such as Marvel, Disney, Carrefour, Amazon, among others. Currently, he explores new surfaces and finds in street art a means to express his creations. Through overlays of textures, strokes, and colors, he reveals movement and a vibrant narrative, always in search of unconventional canvases capable of housing his artistic expression and creating a multi-channel dynamic between media and surfaces.
     Continuously enriching his repertoire, Negritoo incorporates references from daily life and his Afro-descendant cultural background into his creations and projects, becoming a multidisciplinary artist, without losing his essence and distinctive style.